Gas plasma sterilization is now viable for US clinics and small hospitals

NEW YORK — July 1, 2019 — Plasmapp, an innovator in plasma-based technologies for medical and industrial markets, has announced today the general availability of its STERLINK® gas plasma sterilization suite for the US veterinary market.

Low temperature sterilization is required for surgical instruments that are moisture or heat sensitive (not suitable for steam autoclaves). A leading option is hydrogen peroxide gas plasma, but due to costs and spatial limitations, smaller practices often rely on hand sterilization or the use of toxic and inefficient methods (i.e. Ethylene Oxide aka ETo or Ozone). The time for medical instruments to be available for surgery with ETo can take up to 12 hours. This puts unnecessary strain on modern practices in terms of schedule flexibility, infection control, safety, and profitability.

Plasmapp launched the STERLINK suite in 2016 with advanced plasma-tech that is key for purifying the sterilization process – resulting in zero environmental impact and clean oxygen as a byproduct. Plasmapp’s patented plasma source and vaporization technology, combined with compact and beautiful design, fills a glaring need at a reasonable cost for the modern technology driven small practice.

Plasmapp’s US Veterinary Market Advisor, Dr. Jeff Mayo, will be speaking about old and new thoughts on surgical site infections and the role that gas plasma can play to improve infection control at the Fetch DVM360 conference in Kansas City on Friday, August 23rd. Plasmapp will also be providing onsite demos at local clinics around the event – request a slot here.

About Plasmapp
Plasmapp was founded in 2014 after developing sterile packaging technology and a unique Linear Jet Plasma Source (LJPS®) for sterilization in a vacuum in partnership with KAIST. Early technology was applied to the battery supply chain of LG and Samsung. Today, Plasmapp has continued to innovate through their STERLINK sterilization suite for clinics and small hospitals. STERLINK solutions have been purchased in over 40 countries and US operations are based in New York, NY.

Plasmapp Contact:

Erik Mumford
(888) 333-1255


Low-Temperature Alternative to Ethylene Oxide Sterilization (STERLINK Mini)

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