Gas Plasma Suite

On-Demand Sterilization

Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma sterilization suite for clinics and small hospitals at an affordable cost. Designed from our global headquarters in Daejeon, South Korea

What is Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilization? Learn More

Gas Plasma Benefits

Extend life of moisture/heat sensitive instruments

Improve infection control measures

Increased schedule flexibility with on-demand cycles

Cloud based tracking and issue monitoring

Modern compact design

Ecologically safe and non-toxic


The STERLINK® FPS is a 14-liter low temperature powerhouse. At only 17.5″ (W) x 24.5″ (D) x 17.5″ (H), and off gassing clean oxygen, theSTERLINK® can be placed nearly anywhere in the practice


There is nothing like the MINI on the market today. This 7-liter model was engineered for smaller surgical trays (i.e. dental), increased on-demand requirements, and the rise of mobile practices

Flexible Usage Modes

36 or 18 - Minute Chamber Mode

Single use sterilant cartridges power the full chamber cycles of both the 14-Liter STERLINK® (36-minute cycle) and 7-Liter STERLINK® MINI (18-minute cycle)

14 - Minute Pouch Mode

Plasmapp developed the first direct injection + vacuum sealing process to optimize sterilization efficacy and reduce cycle times for on-demand requirements

7 - Minute Pouch Mode

The direct injection + vacuum sealing process further reduces cycle times in the small STERPACK®. This 7-minute option provides even more workflow flexibility


On-Demand Sterilization

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