Plasmapp is constantly innovating and moving forward to lead the world change.
An innovative company that will be responsible for the healthy life of humankind
Trusted Safeguard for Medical Industry
This medical solution company with the use of plasma established in a KAIST lab in 2015 was selected as Soon-to-be Unicorn, one of the 100 Materials · Parts · Equipment Startups, and innovative medical device company, etc. based on its outstanding technical skills in plasma.
It has been recognized for its technology as filing about 187 patents so far, being awarded in Korea.
Technology Awards, and exporting its technologies reliable in the prevention · rehabilitation medical industry to around 50 countries.
Based on smart corporate culture and innovative thinking, it continues to develop mutual-respect culture with all the employees’ open-minded thinking and values.
Company Status
“Trusted safeguard for all medical
devices around the world
Plasmapp’s mission has been to save more lives by connecting plasma with medical technology.
Its challenge for innovation and future of the medical industry will go on.
Founded at KAIST Lab in 2015,
Korean Government selected
as a “Soon-to-be Unicorn”
Globally Approved (26 FDAs)
The first small-sized plasma
sterilizer clearance by US FDA
Patent Protected
Innovative Technology
(174 patents)
QMS Certified
(GMP, ISO 13485 and MDSAP)
Leading Bio Plasma Technology with Innovation in Medical Health Care
For the first critical moment between patients and medical devices.
Plasmapp contributes to the development of medical industry based on its innovative, unique, and differentiated technical skills.
Biological Inactivation
The biological inactivation of Plasmapp is the world’s fastest low-temperature sterilization solution using sterilant direct injection technology with an impermeable sterile package to maximize sterilant efficiency. This solution prevents thermal damage to delicate medical devices and secures user safety in the sterilization process using differentiated plasma technology of Plasmapp.
Regenerative Activation
The regenerative activation of Plasmapp is the world’s best surface treatment solution using vacuum plasma technology to remove impurities from the surface of implantable devices including medical implant and increase surface energy. The activated surface improves biocompatibility and shortens the surgery healing time with increasing its success rate.
Stimulative Therapy
The stimulative therapy of Plasmapp is the world’s best low-temperature therapy solution using vacuum plasma sterilization and stimulative activation technology to maximize treatment efficiency for the biological tissues. In skin treatment, vacuum plasma technology enables stable and effective treatment without thermal damage on skin tissues.